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Destination AnalystsTM is a market research company providing businesses with powerful information to evolve and perfect their marketing strategy. Our suite of research solutions help clients understand their customers and make informed decisions that lead to profitable marketing and advertising initiatives.

Committed to cutting edge research technology, Destination AnalystsTM makes exceptional research accessible to any organization by maintaining affordability. Our market research products are designed to utilize the efficient reach and low cost of the Internet in order to pass this savings on to our clients.

We not only assist clients with the interpretation of their research results but the architecture and execution of strategy based on that research. From online focus group-testing of potential advertising creative, to an ROI study of a social marketing campaign, Destination AnalystsTM can provide you with the information and tools you need for success.

View our research products, current work, or contact us to begin helping you today. We’re happy to assist you with product details, finding information on our website, or with any of your research questions.
Featured Testimonial:
Destination Analysts’TM research products afforded our team with a more comprehensive understanding of our key markets then we’d ever imagined. The information led to streamlined marketing, wiser spending, and ultimately better ROI results to present our Board of Directors.
Now Available!
State of the International Traveler. Check our tracking study of traveler opinion in America's largest feeder markets.
The State of the American Traveler:
A summary report on the findings of the of this bi-annual survey of American leisure travelers is now available. Access previous editions with the links below.

Winter '14 Summary Summer '13 Summary
Winter '13 Summary Summer '12 Summary
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