Real-Time Website User & Activity Report

Our New Website Strategy Powerhouse

An entirely new perspective on your website users.

Combining the Voice of the Consumer (i.e., website user survey responses) with website analytics data, our Real-time Website User & Activity Report gives you the most actionable content research you’ll ever have. Destination Analysts’ new online research system brings together for the first time the power of user-shared survey data with Google Analytics. The results are game changing.

Key features Include:

  • Real time reporting

    – Survey feedback

  • Voice of the Consumer data integrated with actual website behavior

    – Survey feedback and Google Analytics data integration

  • Custom website user profile

    – Who uses your website and why

Imagine being able to see in real-time what different user segments are actually looking for and doing on your website.

  • Leisure travelers
  • Conventioneers
  • Meeting planners
  • The press
  • Local residents
  • Mobile users

Develop your content strategies based on the actual behaviors of travelers at different points in the travel planning funnel.

Additionally, this product can be combined with our Website ROI Study, which will allow us to develop accurate and statistically reliable estimates of the incremental visitor activity and return on investment generated for your destination by your website.

Affordable one-year subscriptions from just $5,000

Option 1 ($5,000)

12-month subscription

Real-time reporting

Option 2 ($12,500)

12-month subscription

Real-time reporting

Custom annual report

Option 3 ($26,750)

12-month subscription

Real-time reporting

Custom annual report

Website ROI study

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