Destination Brand Research

Destination Brand Research is an essential first step for both short and long term marketing strategic planning. A Destination Analysts’ brand audit develops a clear picture of the essential elements that comprise your brand and its core values. Our branding research can also help measure your brand against its competitive set and identify your most lucrative target markets to help you develop specific selling points for each market.

Destination Analysts employs well-tested methodologies for our research. The destination brand research steps we employ may include:

      • Online national surveys
      • Surveys of key audiences and stakeholders
      • In-depth interviews with traveling consumers
      • In-depth interviews with meeting planners and members of the travel trade and travel media

Destination Brand Research Can Help Destination Marketing Organizations:

      • Brand pillars associated with the destination
      • Evaluate the most effective messaging that will resonate with target markets
      • Identify the destination’s perceived strengths and weaknesses

For an example of our destination brand research, please see Client Successes — Destination Brand Research.

Destination Brand Research