We Offer These Engaging Tourism and Travel Presentations

Destination Analysts would be pleased to present at your next conference, industry event or trade show. Our industry experts offer the following travel and tourism presentations. Our speakers are known for their engaging, accessible, audience-focused style and can be booked as keynote speakers or for customized education sessions.

An overview of our most popular presentations are below.  These can be adapted for both keynotes and break-out sessions.

In addition, because of the significant marketing intelligence and data we have, we are frequently asked to create custom presentations for destinations, brands and industries. Please contact us to explore.

Your Destination and the Modern Leisure Traveler

Entertain your board or luncheon crowds with a lively custom look into your destination’s competitive landscape. Available for the 64 major domestic destinations we track, this unique presentation will show you how travelers in America (and around the world) view you. Using data collected in Destination Analysts’ on-going opinion tracking surveys of travelers in the USA and 14 of its largest international feeder markets, our speakers make sense of current trends and reveal a surprising new perspective on your position in the marketplace.

Inside the Mind of The American Leisure Traveler

The American leisure travel market is constantly changing. The Internet, social media, traveler demographics, safety concerns, gasoline prices and new product offerings have all collided in recent years to create a new and ever-shifting travel landscape. Using data collected in our bi-annual survey of leisure travelers, Destination Analysts makes sense of current trends and helps you move forward with confidence by understanding The State of the American Traveler™.

The State of the International Traveler™

International travel to the U.S. is growing at an increasing rate. Using data from our annual study of internationally-oriented travelers in the top 12 U.S. feeder markets (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, China, India, Japan and South Korea), Destination Analysts will share how international travelers can be reached and influenced, the media they consume, the types of experiences, lodging and dining they desire in the U.S., anticipated spending in the U.S. (including on types of items) and more. The presentation can be also be customized to illustrate the appeal of and familiarity with certain U.S. destinations, as well as intended future visitation and advertising recall of destinations.

The Travel Generations

An In-Depth Look into Travel Inspiration, Planning Habits and Psychographic Composition of Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. Different generations approach travel in a myriad of ways. In this exciting keynote presentation, Destination Analysts will provide an overview of travel intentions, media use and other behaviors by US leisure travelers and then dive deeper into how different generations of Americans dream about destinations and plan travel.

20 Ways to Ruin a Perfectly Good Destination Marketing Organization Website

What mistakes are destinations making on their website? How can they more effectively attract visitors and serve their audience needs? In recent years, Destination Analysts has overseen thousands of hours of traveler interviews as part of DMO website usability studies. In this entertaining and thought-provoking presentation, we will take attendees inside the psyche of their website audience and share what we’ve learned about the common mistakes most DMOs continually make. Using examples taken from pertinent DMOs, we’ll show how to quickly and cheaply improve a DMO website.

Guerilla Research: A beginners guide to conducting affordable and effective market research

Smaller destinations face the same pressure to make hard decisions and justify their expenditures as larger ones. Yet, to many small destinations, market research is perceived as expensive and out of reach. In this one-hour session, you will learn the basics of conducting reliable and cost-effective market research in-house. This presentation will leave you with a treasure trove of ideas with the highest impact to your organization and new ideas for minimizing and sharing research costs.

A Word from our Team

My passion is communicating deep research-based insights in an entertaining, understandable and, most importantly, actionable way. Audiences always walk away with new perspectives and ideas for better positioning their brands.

David BrattonFounder and Managing Director