Our latest The State of the American Traveler study shows that TikTokers are excited and ready to travel, and taking to TikTok for inspiration. In fact, nearly a quarter of American travelers under age 50 say TikTok is a platform they are MOST receptive to learning about places to travel! Is your destination there? If your destination IS there – is your content resonating on this energetic social platform? If you’re interested in hearing travelers’ opinions about your destination brand and gaining insights about your TikTok content, we are here to help! Destination Analysts’ is producing a TikTok Content Co-operative Research Study that will allow you to get the real, unbiased opinions you need on your content strategy.


This unique research program provides critical insights to support destinations in their TikTok marketing strategy. DMOs have the opportunity to co-operatively participate in the study to get specific insights into how their destination brand is performing among this lucrative audience, as well as have their TikTok content evaluated by real users of the platform.



This study will utilize a dual methodology approach to provide both quantitative and qualitative assessments of each participant’s TikTok content.


  • Quantitative online survey of American travelers who use TikTok (Destination-specific questions and content evaluations completed by 400 TikTok users)

  • ……

  • A series of in-depth interviews with travelers to evaluate participating DMO’s TikTok content (Destination-specific questions and content evaluations discussed by 10 TikTok users during 60-minute interviews)

Insights From the Study:


      • Custom insights into your destination brand

      • Specific feedback from travelers on your TikTok content strategy

      • Understanding of the trends driving how TikTok is used as a travel inspiration/planning tool

      • Identification of successful destination content tactics and marketing strategy and the reasons for their success on TikTok

      • A deeper understanding of the messaging and creative elements that will inspire TikTok users, gets their attention and differentiates a destination

      • A Best Practices for DMOs on TikTok white paper/Executive Summary to advise the industry


Price & Deliverables:


      • $9,500 to participate (includes evaluation of 2 pieces of video content)

      • Comprehensive report of findings summarizing both the quantitative and qualitative data on the destination brand and assessment of destination’s TikTok content

      • Video recordings of travelers evaluating your destination and destination’s TikTok content

      • Best Practices document + industry webinar presentation of general findings

Other Details:


      • 2 TikTok videos of your choosing will be tested in both the online survey and series of in-depth interviews.

      • If you would like to test additional TikTok videos (beyond the 2 included in this co-op) you can do so at an additional cost.

      • Sign-ups will be on a first-come, first served basis.


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