The State of the American Traveler TM

Destinations Edition

American leisure travelers are feeling high-spirited, with expectations for travel and spending in the upcoming year reaching new heights!  This edition will reveal fascinating insights into U.S. destinations. Check out our latest The State of the American TravelerTM report to learn more. Download report »


How Are International Visitors Feeling?

Our Periscope educational series continues with a sneak peek at this year's results from The State of the International TravelerTM Study. Read more

American Travel Optimism Soars

The latest The State of the American Traveler shows American enthusiasm for leisure travel is at a record high. Read more


Need to Know: Peer-to-Peer Lodging

With the debate heating up over the impact of peer-to-peer lodging on the hotel sector, our Periscope series sheds some light. Watch now

Super Bowl in our Super City

With the media and our grandstanding local politicians hell bent on branding the Super Bowl a financial failure, Destination Analysts chimes in on our beautiful City by the Bay's very prudent investment. Read more

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