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Leading market intelligence from industry experts. Destinations Analysts provides reliable, affordable market research, tourism marketing, and implementation strategies.

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Corporate Office & Mailing Address

Destination Analysts, Inc.
1728 Union Street, Suite 310
San Francisco, CA 94123
Phone: 415-662-0732
Fax: 415-520-5454

Product Information & Sales

Key Staff

Erin Francis-Cummings
President & CEO
Phone: 415-716-7983

David Bratton
Founder & Managing Director
Phone: 415-307-3283

Kimberly Vince-Cruz
Vice President
Phone: 415-655-1877

David Reichbach
Director of Analytics and Data Security
Phone: 415-375-0242

Myha Vo
Director of Field Research
Phone: 951-218-2784

Melissa Elkins
Director of Research
Phone: 480-734-0201

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