Social Media ROI

The Challenge

In 2011, Destination Analysts conducted a Social Media ROI Study for Visit Baton Rouge as a case study to be presented during that year’s Social Media Tourism Symposium. Three years later, with larger Facebook and Twitter audiences and more resources being placed behind these marketing programs, Visit Baton Rouge wished to conduct a follow-up Social Media ROI Study to compare current ROI estimates with the 2011 study. The organization was also interested in learning more about their Facebook and Twitter audiences, including their uses of and engagement with each social platform.

Our Solution

Destination Analysts, in consultation with Visit Baton Rouge, drafted two nearly identical surveys for Visit Baton Rouge’s Facebook and Twitter audiences, which resembled the Social Media ROI survey used in 2011. The online survey of Visit Baton Rouge Facebook and Twitter followers asked about their travel to Baton Rouge and the effect that Visit Baton Rouge’s social media content had on these travels.

Information needed to estimate these marketing programs’ ROI was collected through these surveys and used as inputs in Destination Analysts’ ROI estimation model. Visit Baton Rouge’s Facebook and Twitter followers were invited to complete the survey through a series of promoted posts and tweets.


The results of the 2014 Social Media ROI Study illustrated a great increase in the economic impact of Visit Baton Rouge’s Facebook and Twitter marketing programs since 2011. There were effectively more Facebook and Twitter followers who visited Baton Rouge and thus injected tourism spending dollars into Baton Rouge’s economy. While results from the 2011 study estimated that these two social media platforms generated a combined total of $1,398,934 in economic impact, the 2014 study determined that VBR’s Facebook and Twitter marketing resulted in $10,126,491 in economic impact.

Visit Baton Rouge presented the ROI estimates to its Board of Directors to advocate for the marketing dollars being placed behind these social media channels.

Client Testimonial

Katie Guasco, Visit Baton Rouge
Visit Baton Rouge is constantly examining social media success rates, and our team has had a wonderful partnership with Destination Analysts to do just that. Their Social Media ROI study to measure conversion from likes/followers to actual visitors is invaluable research that helps develop our social campaign strategy, quarterly content plan and budget plan for the next year. In 2014, Destination Analysts conducted our study in the midst of the busiest summer to date for Baton Rouge. Their professionalism and attention to the details that mattered to our organization and stakeholders was considerable and very much appreciated.