Destination Analysts’ Tourism Recovery Planning Services

Since March 15th, Destination Analysts has conducted and published the Coronavirus Travel Sentiment Index Study, a weekly survey of American travelers that provides timely insights into the pandemic’s changing impact on lifestyles, behaviors, and priorities—as well as when travel demand and related behaviors will rebound—and from which segments and to which types of destinations and businesses first. These complimentary insights are released via email every Monday at 5:00am PST—you can sign up to receive them at Subscriptions to this research are also available for deeper insights into traveler segments, geographic regions, and custom insights into your destination. In addition to our ongoing Coronavirus Travel Sentiment Index and other publicly available tourism research, Destination Analysts provides a diverse range of tourism recovery planning services for destinations and their DMOs.

The most popular of these include:

Key Traveler Audiences & Personas for your Destination

Learn the psychographic, demographic and geographic profiles of travel audiences that are most likely to convert to visitors and how to best message and market to them

Destination Brand Performance + Travel Intentions

These reports can be importantly used to understand and report on benchmarks for travel and tourism—and the traveling consumer mindset—from pre-pandemic times.

Visitor Activity Analysis & Segmentation Using GeoLocation Data

Expertly analyzed geolocation data provides an important look at the “how” of visitor behavior, can provide important predictive metrics for visitation, as well as beneficial insights for key stakeholders.

Advertising Testing

Measure and understand response to ensure the creative is delivering the intended messages, understand the images and content your most convertible travel audiences will respond to, avoid potential pitfalls.

Resident + Stakeholder Research

Understand and benchmark local travel + business patronage intentions, awareness & sentiment towards tourism.

Profiles and Intentions of Owned Audiences

Learn from your most loyal audiences and gain important marketing insights that can be used to attract new visitors.

Economic Impact & ROI of Tourism

Destination Analysts has conducted a number of studies on the usage and economic impact of DMO-led marketing. You can use the averages from these studies to help estimate and report on what your DMO is likely bringing back to its community. If you need reports on the overall economic impact of tourism, estimates specific to your marketing assets, typical averages from destination advertising campaigns, or other related information, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

*Thank you to Miles Partnership and the DMA West Foundation for their sponsorship and support of these important research for destination marketing organizations


These reports can be importantly used to understand and report on benchmarks for travel and tourism—and the traveling consumer mindset—from pre-pandemic times.

  • Benchmarking Travel Sentiment for the Travel Industry’s Recovery from the Coronavirus Pandemic—Destination Analysts’ The State of the American Traveler Study tracks traveler sentiment quarterly since 2006, most recently in January 2020. In the May 25th edition of our Coronavirus Travel Sentiment Index Study, we asked several identical questions to our The State of the American Traveler Study in order to benchmark how travelers feel now compared to in the past, in order to better understand the situation the travel industry is in.
  • The State of the American Traveler—Destinations Edition January 2020—key insights into where, how and why Americans wanted to travel immediately before the pandemic took hold
  • The State of the American Traveler—Destination Management Edition October 2019—important information illustrating the threats to travel prior to the pandemic and to guide a sustainable tourism future back from COVID-19
  • 15 years of The State of the American Travelers study reports can be found here
  • The State of the Global International Traveler January 2020–A study of international travelers in 14 top feeder markets to the United States, including travel aspirations, intentions and planning behaviors. Executive Summary coming May 19th. In the meanwhile, you can read initial findings here