Digital Marketing ROI

The Challenge

In order to support the financial resources allocated to the Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau’s digital marketing programs, the organization wished to determine detailed digital marketing ROI estimates of its consumer website, Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing.

Our Solution

Destination Analysts conducted a year-long digital marketing ROI study of users of the Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau’s website, as well as users of their Facebook marketing ( and Twitter marketing (@VisitPhoenix.) The website ROI estimates were determined using a two-step online survey methodology throughout the year. Data was collected from site users via a Website Visitor Intercept Survey, which asked website users’ motivations for visiting the website, how far along they were in their destination decision process and their expected date of arrival in Phoenix. We also sought permission to send them a follow-up survey after they planned to travel to Phoenix.

Data from the Website Intercept Survey was then interconnected with data collected from site users through the Website Visitor Follow-Up Survey sent after the website user had a chance to visit Phoenix. The Website Visitor Follow-Up Survey looked into topics related to website users’ visitation to Phoenix, including trip spending while in the area.

Since Facebook and Twitter marketing differ from a website in significant ways, these differences required a slightly different approach to digital marketing ROI. Two surveys were conducted at the end of the project period: one of Phoenix’s Facebook fans and another of its Twitter followers. Visit Phoenix posted and tweeted invitations to its followers to take these respective surveys.


The digital marketing ROI study provided the Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau with impressive numbers. During the project, generated $24,405,603 in economic impact, while the organization’s Facebook marketing brought in $2,814,748 and Twitter marketing resulted in $217,146. These three digital marketing programs brought in a combined total of $27,437,524 in economic impact.

Our digital marketing ROI study allowed the Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau to demonstrate the significant value of these marketing programs to its stakeholders and Board of Directors.

Client Testimonial

Thanks to Destination Analysts, we have a more complete marketing “tool box” to help us as we continually push to have a stronger online presence. We now have invaluable insights about our web and social audiences that allow us to be smarter about our content. This can ultimately lead to better engagement and conversion.