Social Media ROI

If your Destination Marketing Organization’s is managing a social media campaign, it is important to quantify its economic benefits. Destination Analysts’ proprietary economic impact model for Destination Marketing Organizations provides the Social Media metrics you need.

Our Social Media ROI Research Is Designed for Destination Marketing Organizations to:

  • Develop accurate and statistically reliable estimates of the incremental visitor activity and return on investment generated for your destination by your social media campaign.
  • Quantify and benchmark its effectiveness.
  • Develop a demographic and psychographic profile of social media users, as well as an analysis of their travel intentions and behaviors, which will ultimately improve content development and help advertising sales efforts.

How Does Our Social Media ROI Metrics Study Work?

Destination Analysis provides an online survey in which Facebook or Twitter followers answer questions about whether or not they visited the destination, their amount of spending and questions to help determine if Facebook/Twitter marketing was influential in making their decision to visit or extend their trip
A minimum six-month survey period is needed to collect an adequate, representative sample. A full year is ideal in order to capture any seasonality in destination travel patterns.

Here Is What You Will Receive

DMO’s receive a comprehensive report on the study, including ROI estimates and key findings in both PowerPoint and web conference presentation.

For an example of our Social Media ROI Research, please see Social Media ROI Study: Visit Baton Rouge.