The Situation

To inform learning around visiting friends and relatives and short-term rentals, as well as support hotel partners, the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board wished to survey Los Angeles County residents. With no data on whether visiting friends and relatives also stay in hotels and/or short-term rentals, the DMO decided to establish these benchmarks, while also obtaining insights on how long VFRs stay in Los Angeles and where VFRs live.

Destination Analysts’ Designed Solution

Working collaboratively with the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board, Destination Analysts designed the survey to fulfill the research goals and objectives. Upon finalizing the survey questionnaire, Destination Analysts worked with a professional telephone survey company based in Los Angeles, who used a random-digit dial technique to reach Los Angeles County residents. Depending on the respondent’s preference, the survey was administered in either English or Spanish. As the first survey was used to establish benchmarks, Destination Analysts conducted multiple waves of the survey to understand shifts and changes.

The Organization’s Success

Not only did this research show that visiting friends and relatives who stay in private residences also stay in a Los Angeles County hotel during their trip, but it also showed that a small percentage of VFRs stay in short-term rentals. Los Angeles County residents also contribute to economic activity, with many having recently visited major tourist areas in recent months. After each survey wave, LATCB provided key insights to its partners to support their marketing and sales strategies.

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