Website Usability Research

Your website is the foundation for your overall marketing strategy, and it is essential to know how your audience perceives it. Destination Analysts’ website usability research may be the most important action Destination Marketing Organization can undertake to drive dramatic and immediate website improvements. Our usability research will help you:

      • Identify problems with your website before your users do
      • Find dozens of ways to quickly make your website more effective
      • Test new design concepts or marketing ideas
      • Defend any hard decisions you must make regarding your web strategy

How Does Our Website Usability Research Work?

Representative users—such as travelers and meeting planners—do typical tasks with the website, while observers watch and listen. While each website usability test is different, we typically focus on these areas:

      • Time on task. How long does it take to find information and complete tasks?
      • Accuracy. Can important tasks be completed smoothly and without mistakes?
      • Emotional response. How do your users respond to your website? Does it inspire a desire to travel to your destination?

Destination Analysts conducts its website usability testing online via web video conference. In-depth interviews of representative website users are facilitated in our proprietary online website usability testing laboratory.

      • Panelists participate in an interview from the comfort of their own home or office, use their personal computer and access your website as they would on their own.
      • Clients can watch from multiple locations around the world and pass private questions to the moderator through a chat room.
      • All sessions are recorded for later viewing.

This process results in greatly reduced costs, a wider geographic spread of interviewees, much better scheduling flexibility and dramatically improved data.

Start to finish, a complete website usability study can usually be completed in 6 to 8 weeks.

Here Is What You Will Receive

DMO’s receive a comprehensive report on the findings of the study, including the desired usability testing metrics in both PowerPoint and web conference presentation.

For an example of our Website Usability Research, please see Website Usability Testing: Visit Florida.