With the global spread of COVID19, the travel industry is facing an unprecedented crisis. To help industry leaders navigate their response strategy and communicate to their stakeholders and communities, Destination Analysts is fielding a weekly survey of 1,200+ American leisure and business travelers, representing each region of the U.S. These timely insights into feelings and behaviors related to travel will provide important data to gauge the pandemic’s changing impact on travel as a lifestyle priority, as well as when travel demand will rebound—and from which traveler segments and to which types of destinations first.

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  • Percentage of trips (leisure, business, convention/group) impacted by the Coronavirus
  • Rate of postponement of trips and into which months
  • Demand for travel, including predictive indicators of rebound
  • Deeper sentiment towards travel, including openness to travel advertising
  • Substitution effects: increased/decreased interest in types of destinations or experiences, long-haul vs short-haul
  • The most optimistic traveler segments

Given the fluidity of the situation, new topics will be introduced to the survey as necessary.

Report Options

Complete reports of findings are available for purchase each week, or subscribe for one-month to receive several additional benefits, including a discount off the weekly price, anytime access to the data/results in a simple-to-use online dashboard, time series analysis, invitation to a weekly webinar review of findings, plus a Meeting Planner Sentiment report. Reports are delivered via email in Powerpoint and PDF format to allow for easy use in your reporting to staff, stakeholders, boards of directors.

Agencies: please contact us to discuss group pricing so that you can offer this research to your clients at a discount.

               Note: Discounted pricing is available for DMOs with budgets under $1 million


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