DMO/Website Importance Study—Free Tracking Research for DMOs

Destination Analysts is facilitating a study to measure the importance of DMOs and their marketing/communications assets in a period of crisis, through a survey of users of DMO websites.

This complimentary study will provide key insights into users of official DMO websites—and other marketing assets– throughout the COVID-19 crisis, in order to:

  • Understand in-depth WHO is currently using the website, as well as HOW and WHY these audiences are using it
  • Demonstrate the value of the DMO and its official website—as a local community, B2B, and traveler resource
  • Quantify the efforts of the DMO in supporting its local tourism and hospitality and greater community
  • Develop metrics that DMOs can use to advocate for the organization, its marketing efforts and its budget
  • Show the DMO’s efforts in supporting businesses, partners, the greater tourism and hospitality industry and the local community

The brief website user survey, which appears on your DMO’s website, will:

  • Identify the TYPE of website user: local resident, local business owner, meeting/event planner, journalist, traveler who postponed/cancelled a trip, potential visitor looking for trip inspiration, etc.
  • Collect information on WHY these audiences are using the website
  • Capture opinions and assessments of the VALUE and IMPORTANCE of the content
  • Provide an opportunity to collect messages of support for the local tourism and hospitality community

*sample Website Survey on DMO site

Analytics Integration

The Website User Survey integrates with Google Analytics to provide a wealth of deeper insights including an analysis of site behaviors by different user groups—for example, comparing top pages, page views, and time on site of different audiences such as local residents, local business owners, potential visitors, and meeting & event planners.


All participating DMOs will receive: 
  • Regular reporting of the findings, which will be made available online and in PowerPoint format
  • Anonymized aggregate findings in order to demonstrate the value of Destination Marketing Organizations

Sign Up to Participate

Participation is free and only requires you install the javascript we provide you on your website, in order for the survey to appear. Please complete the form here to sign up to participate. Confirmation and next steps will be sent to you shortly thereafter.

This research is generously sponsored by our friends at Miles Partnership