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Traveler Profile: The Digital Influencer User | Destination Analysts

Travel marketers have a rapidly expanding array of tools with which to reach potential customers. In recent years, the “digital influencer” has become one popular options. Digital influencers are people with a large online audience, who can conceivably (through their online posts) influence the when, the where and the how of travel decision making. As paid digital influence is a relatively new frontier in travel marketing and measuring the efficacy of spending on digital influencers is difficult, it is no surprise that the travel community has struggled to make decisions when allocating marketing resources (both money and in-kind payment) in this potentially lucrative channel. This research sheds light on this confusing situation by identifying the opinions and behaviors of travelers who have recently used a digital influencer to plan a trip, measuring key elements of their footprint by revealing:

  • The destinations they most want to visit
  • Why and how they use Digital Influencers
  • Where they live (states and MSAs)
  • Key travel motivations and interests
  • Travel brands they use
  • Media consumption & receptivity
  • Detailed demographic profiles
About the Research:

In its ongoing traveler sentiment tracking survey of American travelers, Destination Analysts, Inc. collects data weekly from a random sample of adult American travelers. Over the past two months, we have collected a sample of 1,227 travelers who report having specifically used the opinions of a digital influencer to help plan or get ideas on where to travel for leisure. The findings of this important study paint a clear picture of these travelers needs and interests and behaviors in the post COVID marketplace.

Special Value-add With Report Purchase:

By purchasing this study you also receive access to a powerful online dashboard tool that will give you the power to look far beyond the topline. This dashboard will allow you to dig deeper, dynamically filtering your results in many ways (e.g., demographics, travel behaviors, etc.)


Learn about Destination Analysts’ new Digital Influencer User Report in this 40 second video.

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