Let’s Celebrate the 15 Travel Sentiment Metrics that Broke Pandemic Records this Week


With new daily cases and COVID-related deaths down significantly from January peaks, Americans are exhibiting more capacity for positive thoughts and feelings, especially about their travel. Exhale, give a thumbs up to a travel industry colleague and check out this summary of 15 positive pandemic-period travel sentiment records that were set this week:


Positive Record Highs:


  • Optimism about the course of the pandemic in the United States in next month (44.2%)
  • Level of excitement about travel in 2021 (6.2/10)
  • Readiness state-of-mind around travel (60.2%)
  • Those who have received or know friends or relatives who have received the vaccine (62.7%)
  • Making of travel plans specifically in anticipation of vaccine distribution (34.8%)
  • Proportion who will take at least one leisure trip in the next 3 months (52.9%)
  • Happiness with ads promoting their own community for tourism (41.9%)

    Positive Record Lows:


  • Perceptions of travel and leisure activities as unsafe (45.7%)
  • Strong concern about the virus’ impact on personal finances (52.2%)
  • Avoidance of travel until pandemic is more resolved (45.3%)
  • Avoidance of conferences and conventions (63.2%)
  • Agreement that travel should be for essential needs only (48.7%)
  • Travel guilt (42.7%)
  • Refusal to travel until vaccines are widely available (46.5%)
  • Tourists in their own community are unwanted (48.3%)

    We’ve summed these up in this infographic so that you can share the good news! Don’t forget to join us online each week as we present the latest American travel trends.