Test Your International Visitor IQ

Destination Analysts

Sharpen your pencils.  It’s time to test your knowledge of international travelers.

Until recently, detailed marketing intelligence on our international markets was hard to come by.  We at Destination Analysts are devoted to changing this.  The eight questions below are taken from this year’s The State of the International Traveler survey.  This survey was conducted among 800 internationally-oriented travelers in each of America’s twelve largest feeder markets (Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, India, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy).   In total, over 10,000 of these travelers were queried for this survey about topics related to visiting the United States.

These questions can be a little tricky, so we’ve given you a hint after each. Our best advice is not to over think.  Use your intuition and you should do well.  Good luck!



Hint:  One of the most important experiences international visitors report wanting in a U.S. trip is spending time in major cities.



Hint:  The recent hype seems like it may not be hype after all.



Hint:  Okay.  This one should be easy.  Almost a gimme.



Hint:  Which destination do you think is more exotic?



Hint:  Despite stereotypes, travelers in all countries think with one item they always carry with them.



Hint:  Why do people generally use travel agents?



Hint:  This one might surprise you given one country’s well-known love of motorcars.



Hint:  As fun as it might be, not everyone is interested in one of these things…


Okay.  Pencils down.  To see the answers to the test, just download this pdf file and look beneath the questions.  If you answered five or more correctly, you’re in rare company!